Affordable Solar from eHome by Design

eHome by Design makes affordable solar energy systems available to homeowners who want to use solar energy, but have been deterred by the cost. We can do this for three simple reasons: 1) new solar products are more efficient and affordable than ever, 2) we work with a small network of vetted professionals who know the solar industry inside and out, and 3) we are passionate about our customer service.

New Solar Products

Modern solar panels are much more efficient then previous generations, which reduces the number of panels required to power a home and finally makes affordable solar power available to the average consumer.

The eHome Network of Partners

Sales affiliates, financial experts, construction planners, and construction crews are integrated into a dynamic team. Each professional is vetted for competence and alignment with eHome’s values and goals.

eHome Values and Service

At eHome by Design, we want your conversion to solar energy to be as easy as possible. Our professional staff takes care of everything including system engineering, the permitting process, and the post-installation inspection. If at any time you have a question or concern, simply contact an eHome representative at 801-447-5281 or

Why Wait?

Considering the progress in the solar panel industry and your passion for a cleaner planet for yourself and your children, why wait any longer? Contact eHome by Design today to get started on the path to energy freedom!

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