eHomeByDesign is the Solar Energy Company to Save You Thousands!

Solar Power Utah, Arizona and Florida

Save Now & Go Solar with no money down.

With our No Money Down Program you make the same payment until your solar system is paid off, instead of paying an ever-increasing electric bill.

Solar has never been more affordable. Solar equipment costs have fallen & tax incentives and a Federal rebate of up to 30% make solar more affordable than ever.

 Benefits For Going Solar

Produce Your Own Power

By “Going Solar” you are beating the trend and setting an example for your family, friends and neighbors, by generating you power directly from the sun.

Save Money

Owning your own solar system can save you thousands of dollars over time. Solar is a fixed cost that can be paid off, but a power bill is forever.

Earth Friendly

Energy is dominated by earth-endangering processes like coal and nuclear power. Solar energy is clean, efficient and draws power directly from the sun.

Tax Incentives

The cost of your solar system is currently backed by federal and state tax incentives. But these incentives won’t last forever – now is the time to invest in solar.

Solar energy company - solar installation

About eHomeByDesign

Who is Ehome by Design? We are a collection of professionals who focus on customer satisfaction and making the future a better, greener place through solar energy.

We don’t just stop there, we also provide homeowners with LED Lighting, Alarm Systems and Security Cameras and many more upgrades, to truly bring you an amazing eHome experience. The best part it that all of these upgrades can be wrapped into your solar loan for one low easy monthly payment!

What to Expect When Going Solar

ehome by design power bill savings

“We were happy with eHome by design, they helped us save on our power bill, and I just saw that Utility Rates just went up again, NOT FOR ME!”

Mark Janford

“eHome resolved our doubts about going solar and we are now saving money, I have even referred them to my parents who are also thinking about going solar.”

Jessica York

“The install went quick, but when there was a small hiccup, they were able to resolve it fast and effectively. Great Customer Service!”

Sarah Smith

“For the same cost of my power bill, eHome was able to put solar on my house!”

Zack Patterson

eHomeByDesign is the Solar Energy Company to Save You Thousands!